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Things You Need to Know About the Morgan Silver Dollar

Over the years there have been many different currencies minted in the USA, among them coins while others notes. One currency that is worth discussing is the Morgan silver dollar. This article will focus on all the things that you need to know regarding this currency. There is a lot that one can learn especially for people who never go to interact with this silver dollars currency which basically is the current generation in the world.

The first thing that you need to know is that it was made between the years 1878-1921. this means that it was in circulation for close to 40 years after which it was replaced by another design. During the time that it was in circulation, it was really loved and was a favorite of the citizens of the USA then.

Another thing worth noting is that Morgan silver dollars are valuable especially those that were minted before the year 1921 because they are rare. The 1921 issue were released in large numbers thus making them less valuable. If you have these coins it is important to note that the cleaner or less worn out they are the more valuable they are. So, if you have them in your possession, it may just be a good investment in your possession.

Additionally, during the production period of these coins, it is vital to note that aesthetics and looks were not of great significance and that is why they are not as attractive and well-designed unlike the designs preceding them.

Also, it is necessary to know that despite being recorded to be in production from 1878-1921, production stopped in 1904 only to resume in 1921 where a huge number was minted. The reason why production stopped in 1904 is because the silver bullion stock was depleted and people had resigned themselves to using paper or notes as currency over the previous silver currency which was even heavier in relation to the paper money. Should you wish to learn more about coin collector, go to

In 1918, Congress passed an act referred to as the Pittman act which forced the melting of the Morgan currency in order to replenish the government's reserve of the silver bullion. This act also required the purchase of more silver to make the coins which saw to the revival of the Moran silver dollar which had taken a very long break. These coins were then replaced by the peace Silver dollar in later in the same year 1921.

These coins are also very popular among the collectors owing to the fact that they are really big and made of pure morgan silver dollar. The silver was mined in the old west along the mountainsides by miners which went in deep to get the silver that was used in the minting process. The fact that they are made of precious metal makes it a really popular coin in the USA.

These Morgan coins are interesting because each issue has a unique mark depending on the mining period.

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